Individual Sponsors

MPW 2014 donor reception


With thanks to strong community and University support, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Penn’s Woods Music Festival and a decade of excellent and inspirational music. We are proud to honor and acknowledge the generosity of all our annual donors and supporters who are integral to the success of Penn’s Woods Music Festival and to recognize the important partnership between the community and the Penn State School of Music. 

Your philanthropy and commitment to our vision enables us to provide a world class festival program with high caliber performers for the community. We are grateful for your participation. We are particularly indebted to our Conductor’s Circle and Principal Circle donors for their unwavering support of the festival orchestra. 

The Conductor’s Circle

$5000 and above

Mount Nittany Health

Harold and Nancy O’Connor

Pieter and Lida Ouwehand

Barbara Palmer

Dotty Rigby



America’s Carpet Outlet/

George McMurtry and 

Laura Mosier

Dan and Eleanor Armstrong

Howard E. and 

Judith R. Bond

Gary Bontrager

Central PA Convention and

Visitors Bureau

Mimi Barash Coppersmith

Gordon F. and 

Caroline Dejong

Designer’s Studio/

George and Nina Woskob

Heather Fleck

Foxdale Village

Sue Haug

Jacqueline and Robert Hunt

Bill and Honey Jaffe

Eileen W. Leibowitz

Elinor C. Lewis

Mary Ellen and 

Thomas A. Litzinger

R. Lee and Grace Ormston

Ray S. Walker

$500 to $999

Russell L. Bloom

Blake and Linda Gall

*Julie Horney

Kohl’s Department Stores

Kish Bank 

Barbara and James Korner

Ludmila and 

Daniel Sahakian

Gary F. and Christina Schell

Lynn Sidehamer

Debra K. and 

George Trudeau

Kerry A. Whitelock





$250 to $499

Peter H. and Amber J. Axeman

Joyce Buck

Edward R. Galus

Earl K. and Susan S. Graham

Roy J. Greenfield

Robyn Krause-Hale and  Richard Roush

Mike’s Video Inc./

Pete Popovitch

Eleanor and Steven Schiff

Josephine Smith

Claire M. Stackhouse and 

James R. Banks






David L. and Kim T. Aboud

AFS Colorado Rockies 

Area Team

Janet Atwood

Karen Bickett

Alfred Blumstein

Kim D. Cook and 

Peter J. Heaney

Shirley J. Coploff

David and Debra Cree

Arthur J. Curtze and 

Jennifer Loveland-Curtze

Paul H. and 

Irene Lipschitz Cutler

Emily H. Filling

Barry W. and Patti W. Fisher

Nathan Fisher

Estelle Frankl

Joe French

Nancy Gamble

Catherine Park Greenham

Donald L. and 

Barbara Kulp Gross

Donald J. Hellmann

Carl E. Hill

Donald and Mildred Hopkins

Stephen and Lisa Hopkins

Mary J. Horney

Austin J. and Lynn L. Jaffe

Jeffrey R. Judd

Liz and Todd King

James A. and Bonnie J. Knapp

Denise P. and 

Mark E. Kozminsky

David L. and 

Lisa Firing Lenze

Jane M. Linsky

Herbert and 

Trudy E. Lipowsky

Joseph L. and 

Lucy C. Loomis

Helen B. Love

Nancy Luke

Helen A. Manfull

Lyle C. Merriman

Priscilla I. Meserole

P. June Miller

Shirley P. Miller

Sharon O. and 

Michael Nagaran

Jon and Naomi Nelson

Suzanne T. Ortega

Joyce E. Plotnikoff

Shirley Sacks

Kenneth E. Schoener

Stephen and 

Barbara Seidman

Carroll Seron

Marjorie D. Seward

Michael C. and 

Janice Krauss Shapiro

Tobin L. and 

Pamela F. Short

Alfred H. and 

Elizabeth T. Taylor

Patricia T. Thornton and 

Douglas Meyer

Alan J. Tomkins and 

Victoria Weisz

Jim and Sue Tumlinson

Helen Billett Warren

Dorothy Blanchard Wiggins


Up to $100

Olena Antonaccio

Shirley Berlind

Leonid and Diana Berlyand

Dennis L. and Jean K. Bloom

Rodney R. and Terisa Andrews Bucks

John G. and Jane T. Buzzell

John C. Collins and 

Mary A. Brown

Connie B. and John DiNunzio

Mary Eagleton

Richard F. and 

Nancy L. Erdley

Shawn Flower

Lynne Goodstein and 

Peter J. Langer

Gordon A. and 

Falene E. Hamilton

Judith P. Kelly

Eric Loken and 

Eva S. Lefkowitz

Thomas F. and Fen-Fen Lin

Diana N. Mancini

James S. and Cynthia Palladino Maund

Thomas McCormack and 

Melissa Hicks

Shirley J. Palermo

Stanley Person

Myron Street Pharo

Robert W. Potter

Timothy J. and 

Donna J. Sabol

Wen Shen

Robert M. Sides Family 

Music Center

Paul and Barbara Spring

Kristin M. Stephenson

Arian and 

Patricia Ann Zarkower