Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between the Penn’s Woods Music Festival, members of the festival orchestra, and the community. It achieves these objectives through a range of programs and activities as determined by the membership in consultation with the director of the School of Music, the music director of the Penn’s Woods Music Festival, and festival staff.

Members of the MPW Advisory Council (2017)

Pieter Ouwehand, chair
Joyce Buck, vice chair
Ellie Lewis, secretary
Howard Bond
Ronald Frear
Cathy Herrera
Marilyn Haugh
Walker Konkle
Denise Kozminsky
Mark Minnich
Sally Minnich
Eleanor Sciff
Lynn Sidehamer Brown
Kristin Stephenson
Debbie Trudeau
Eleanor Armstrong, committee volunteer

Sue Haug, ex-officio
Gerardo Edelstein, ex-officio
Russell Bloom, ex-officio
Robyn Krause-Hale, development

If you would like to participate as a member of the Advisory Council, or volunteer for a committee, please contact: Sue Haug.